Boho dress (101, 4/2016)


I knew I had to make this dress the minute I saw it. It is gorgeous, no question.

20160609_150319sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (1)

Material: 2 meters (width 150 cm). I bought this fabric a week ago for a different project but I really wanted to make this maxi dress and the fabric store was closed, so I just decided to try if there is a way to fit everything in 2 meters (recommended lengths for this dress is 3.90 m!). With my mad candy crush 20160507_175917skills I managed to squeeze almost all parts BUT the part 8 is upside down. It is not recommended, but I thought about pros and cons and gave it a go. It worked out in my case, but once again it is not the proper way to do it and if you are buying fabric for this model, go with 2.5 or 3 m. Another part that did not fit – back lining (part 4) and I made it from another fabric.


First of all – this is not an easy dress to make. If the pattern does not fit, it would be rather challenging to adjust details due to lining and an unusual cut. That being sad – this dress is really feminine, beautiful, and would worth the trouble. Just be ready, you probably won’t finish it in one or two evenings.

sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (2)

Modifications. I am short and I had only 2 meters of fabric so I shortened this dress by 17 cm (it’s a lot!). With my height (158 cm) it is still a maxi dress and I wear it comfortably with flats. I made allowances at the front neck edges ~ 2 cm and tried to make front a little bit more covered. My friend Natalia who made photos of this dress told me that it is totally fine and looks good as is, but I am wearing this dress with a scarf a lot and considering to add some lace ribbons to make the top more covered. To each their own, but I thought that this piece of information is rather important.

Technical details that might be useful:

sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (9)sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (16)sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (8)

sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (11)sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (12)sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (13)sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (14)

Another very important thing – the top part of this dress (both front and back) is quite open, so in my case there was no way to wear it with a bra. Big deal for me. So my solution was to take a bra with a similar color, cut off all straps and sew cups only to the inside of the dress.

sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (5)sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (6)


sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (3)

And the last piece of advice, don’t drink and then try to sew the top part of this dress. It requires lot of attention and precision. You can have a glass of wine after you finish this dress 🙂

sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (7)sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (4)

Sew it gorgeous!


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    • sewitgorgeous says:

      Thank you Hila! I just started this blog and you are the first one to comment! Soooo exciting! and I have to admit that I am stalking your blog 🙂 Beautiful work!

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