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Lace dress (124, 3/2016)

Princess cut dress.

I noticed an interesting pattern (not a sewing kind 🙂 – over the years March issues are usually my favorite issues of the year. As a rule, they have a lot of dress patterns and I like it a lot!

I am literally on my way to the library to get a pattern for a gorgeous blouse with the embroidery from the new March 2017 Burda Style issue (I am so excited for that one!!!). But!  I just realized that I never posted a princess cut dress from the last March issue. So here we go.

If you don’t have an access to a Burda Style magazine, you can get this pattern here.

Fabric: very thin, stretchy lace like jersey 1.5 m (width 150 cm), thick jersey 1 m (width 110 cm) for lining.

As you see, I did the sleeves at first. It seemed very nice but it was hot and sunny outside so I decided to go with a more summery, sleeveless version.

Skirt – just 2 layers of everything that was left from the fabric.

Random facts:

For some reason, this dress was very fast to sew (everything with the lining usually take me at least 2 evenings to complete, but this one I did in just one).

This dress has the most “likes” on my Instagram page.

Sew it gorgeous!

off to the library 🙂

Princess Line Dress (114, 02/2017)

Fit and flare dress.

This dress is from the February issue of Burda Style. The pattern is here.

This cut is probably my favorite. It is timeless, feminine and flattering.

Fabric: Burda Style magazine suggests 5 m of fabric for this one. It is a lot! I have done this style of skirt (circular) before so I figured that I could get away with much less then that. I had an old piece of fabric I got for 5 dollars on clearance (~1.65 cm x 150 cm) and I was willing to check if I could fit a shorter skirt in. And I did. The suggested pattern length is 63 cm, mine was 51.5 cm which works perfectly on me, as I am rather petite (158 cm).

Note: the fabric is folded twice on the first picture

And if my piece of fabric was any longer or wider, I could have been able to fit the top as well. But oh well, now my options with this fabric are: either proceed with a skirt or look into short top patterns.

Anyway, the proper fabric I bough for this dress is 2 m (length 150 cm) and it was enough to fit all the details (including lining). Once again, it was possible because of the shorter skirt!

The fabric is a cotton blend with very little stretch.

I used my first skirt as a pattern so I did not have to fold fabric twice.

Size: My Burda size 40/42 (bust) and 36 (waist). For this pattern I used size 38 plus took a centimeter or two in total from the waist. Other minor modifications: I did not make a center stitch on the bodice (it is one peace), the zipper was moved to the back, skirt has only one seam at the back.

The sewing process was easy.

The bodice before and after ironing.

Seams at the armholes and neckline.


Side seams are done as one of the last steps. The second picture shows that initially my skirt turned out to be wider than the bodice. I used the radius of 16.7 + allowances and my best guess as to why it happen is that my skirt had only one seam… or may be because I did meddle with the waist part of the bodice.

Final product. The colour is so pretty!

This one does not have a good lighting but has a view from the back.

and there is even a video 🙂

Sew it gorgeous!

Dress (104, 11/2013)

Silk dress with a high neckline.

I did not plan to post it because I made it several years ago but the dress is just beautiful, so here we go. The pattern is here. It is a rather simple pattern in terms that the only true fitting that is needed is a neckline and bands.

Anyway, the pattern is not tricky but I decided to go with silk blend…. and almost regret it –  working with this fabric was a challenge (I’m not going into details because it’s a post about an “old” make) But the results are worth it.
My favorite part of this dress is actually in details – beautiful buttons made out of pearls.

Sew it

Polo neck dress (113, 09/2016)

Polo neck dress without a polo.

I sew a lot, so I am guilty of using shortcuts. For example, if the fabric is stretchy I am often do not use a zipper. This is the case with this dress as well.

I got 2 m (width: 150 cm) of very thin, stretchy fabric. The layout of the pattern is rather unconventional (I really wanted to have this border at the end of the sleeve). As you can see, I had a LOT of fabric left for the skirt.

So coming back to the polo neck. I made it using zigzag stitch but still, there was no way my head could fit through it without a zipper. So here I am with no polo neck.

notes on the dress: the top part is short! I am 158 cm but I wish I added extra 2-3 cm to it. The sleeves are also a little bit on a snug side.

However, overall, it is a good basic pattern. And it is very easy to sew.

Sew it gorgeous!

p.s. I am finishing up another dress from the September issue, will post soon (omg I have SO much to post though! I am much more proficient in making things than writing about it 🙂

Strapless bustier dress (129, 3/2016)

Spring is coming.

I made this dress in March and was wearing it throughout the summer. It is very flattering and is perfect for weddings and baby showers. Here is a link to the pattern I used. My version was all about a flower print and the whole project was inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge.


Fabric – 1.5 m (width – 150 cm) of synthetic, rather heavy but softly draping fabric.

The top of the dress is corset like and the key is to use very stiff interfacing

After the top was done, I tried old and true ‘rectangle clinched at the waist’ kind of skirt but it did not work well. I had a lot of fabric and after stitching it to the top, it did not look good… I left this project for several weeks, and then June issue of Burda Style came out and the skirt for a halter dress was perfect!

The final result.

Sew it gorgeous!

Halter dress (106, 6/2016)

Tropical halter dress.

This is a short post, as I plan to post one project a day for the next 7 days (I have a backlog of dresses I made in summer and fall).

I did this dress over the weekend and I am pretty happy with it. The pattern was a little bit unusual but it worked out beautifully at the end.

I had only ~1.70 m of fabric so my halter band is much shorter.

note: the back of the dress is really low cut and it could not be used with the normal bra in my case, so I fit a bra (with all straps cut off) inside the halter (between the fabric and the lining).

The fabric I used for this dress is like a very fine net. There was no need to use any seams to finish the bottom.

I like this dress as both cut and fabric is very “vacation” to me. Oh, and the most important thing about this pattern – the skirt pattern rocks! It is soooo good, I used it 3 times already (will try to post soon).

Sew it gorgeous!


Scoop Neck Dress (112, 2/2016)

Monica Bellucci dress (aka floral explosion).sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (1)


I did this dress back in February. You know how sometimes in winter you are dreaming about summer? And then getting some summer dresses makes you feel like summer is just around the corner? Well, it was my “dreaming about sun” kind of thing. The fact that this pattern was from a Spanish Street collection made it extra special (I had an internship in Spain, good memories :).


sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (4)

Fabric: I bought 1.5 (width 150 cm) of fabric and used it all BUT I did some strategic pattern layout when I was using only parts with the most flours. The fabric was stretchy but rather thick.

sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (5)  sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (6)sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (7)

Modifications: 2 sizes smaller, no zipper, slightly (~1.5 cm) smaller scoop neck.

sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (8)  sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (9)sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (3)sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (2)

The dress was easy to sew. I think it was because I got lucky with the fabric. It was thick and stretchy (it is very forgiving, there was no adjustments to be made) + I did not do anything with the seam edges. One thing that I am still not very sure about is the zipper. I fit in the dress as is but I cant help but think that if I did have a zipper I could’ve make the waist of the dress more narrow and flattering.

By the way, as of August 2016 Fabricland in Nanaimo, Canada still carry this fabric. And it is on sale now… 🙂

Sew it gorgeous!

Maxi dress (102, 6/2016)

Maxi floral dress.

Gorgeous dress alert! 🙂


Full disclosure.  I was using my phone as a camera. Lesson learned. The dress is beautiful but it looks so much better “in person” than in these pictures.


Fabric: 3 meters (width: 140 cm). I got mine on clearance for a total of 9 dollars. Initially, I wanted to go for a more bright floral fabric for this dress, but then decided to tone it down and go for more casual.

Modifications: I added 2 cm to the neck edges (a lot of Burda patterns tend to be too open on my frame), adjusted shoulder seams  (1 cm down), changed bands width (10 cm instead of suggested 7). Reasons: I had enough fabric + wider bands are easier to turn inside out.

20160605_092516 20160605_092524 20160605_092534

Everything fit nicely in 3 meters and I even ended up adding 16 cm to the bottom (hence my dress is much longer). Notes for fabric – chiffon is just perfect for this model!


Fabric for lining: 1 m (width: 160 cm).

20160607_092425 20160612_12005720160612_120257

Here are photos of the lining, to give an idea how this dress could look like in short, sleeveless version. Oh, and I am holding the side as there is no zipper there yet.

I was debating to keep or not to keep the middle godet (detail 3) and went with keeping it (in May issue the godet parts made a big difference to a model 101). In this model the middle godet needed mostly to secure bands and as some sort of “oh, that’s interesting” feature. In my opinion, it is not really a must. It’s cool but if you really don’t want it (I know from reading a forum that many ladies did not like it for some reason) you can adjust the pattern. All you need is to add 1.5 cm to the bottom of part 1 and top of part 4. But I personally like this godet as it adds more flow.

20160605_143221 20160605_14182920160605_145522    20160612_124355

It took me a couple of days to complete this dress. I bought the magazine and fabric on Saturday, traced the pattern and almost finished chiffon layer on Sunday, did lining layer on Monday evening and finally put everything together on Wednesday. Here is the dress without sleeves. It is quite nice.


Final results.

20160623_095905 20160623_100022  20160623_100040 20160623_100052

Although, this dress has many details and lining, the sewing part was pretty strait forward and I would rate it – easy but takes time.

Overall, this is a very nice, romantic summer dress.

20160623_100423 20160623_100503 20160623_100511 20160623_100522

Enjoy summer.

Sew it gorgeous! 

Boho dress (101, 4/2016)


I knew I had to make this dress the minute I saw it. It is gorgeous, no question.

20160609_150319sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (1)

Material: 2 meters (width 150 cm). I bought this fabric a week ago for a different project but I really wanted to make this maxi dress and the fabric store was closed, so I just decided to try if there is a way to fit everything in 2 meters (recommended lengths for this dress is 3.90 m!). With my mad candy crush 20160507_175917skills I managed to squeeze almost all parts BUT the part 8 is upside down. It is not recommended, but I thought about pros and cons and gave it a go. It worked out in my case, but once again it is not the proper way to do it and if you are buying fabric for this model, go with 2.5 or 3 m. Another part that did not fit – back lining (part 4) and I made it from another fabric.


First of all – this is not an easy dress to make. If the pattern does not fit, it would be rather challenging to adjust details due to lining and an unusual cut. That being sad – this dress is really feminine, beautiful, and would worth the trouble. Just be ready, you probably won’t finish it in one or two evenings.

sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (2)

Modifications. I am short and I had only 2 meters of fabric so I shortened this dress by 17 cm (it’s a lot!). With my height (158 cm) it is still a maxi dress and I wear it comfortably with flats. I made allowances at the front neck edges ~ 2 cm and tried to make front a little bit more covered. My friend Natalia who made photos of this dress told me that it is totally fine and looks good as is, but I am wearing this dress with a scarf a lot and considering to add some lace ribbons to make the top more covered. To each their own, but I thought that this piece of information is rather important.

Technical details that might be useful:

sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (9)sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (16)sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (8)

sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (11)sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (12)sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (13)sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (14)

Another very important thing – the top part of this dress (both front and back) is quite open, so in my case there was no way to wear it with a bra. Big deal for me. So my solution was to take a bra with a similar color, cut off all straps and sew cups only to the inside of the dress.

sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (5)sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (6)


sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (3)

And the last piece of advice, don’t drink and then try to sew the top part of this dress. It requires lot of attention and precision. You can have a glass of wine after you finish this dress 🙂

sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (7)sewitgorgeous_maxi_dress (4)

Sew it gorgeous!


White sheath dress (121, 3/2016)

White dress.

And another dress from 3/2016 issue of BurdaStyle! This is my favorite issue of 2016 so far. It has so many dress.

I made mine from 1 m of stretchy, textured fabric + 1 m of stretchy, very thin (you can almost see through) fabric for lining.

Modifications: I used a pattern ~2 size smaller to my true size, no sleeves, no slit.

sewitgorgeous_white_dress (1)sewitgorgeous_white_dress (2)

I found this dress easy to sew and it could be finished in a one or two evenings. sewitgorgeous_white_dress (3)sewitgorgeous_white_dress (4)

Sew it gorgeous