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Pink skirt (115, 2/2016)

Pink, pink, pink.

This skirt was one of the most “liked” items (both on Instagram and in real life) I made in 2016. I honestly did not expect that, as I am much more fond of dresses. Well, nice surprise I guess 🙂

This is a very strait forward pattern. My version had no modifications, fabric – 1.5 m (widths: 140 cm), light linen blend.

Yes, I know, these shoes are pretty  🙂

The only note I have about this pretty simple skirt – I wish I choose fabric that has less tendency to wrinkle. But hey, it was all about the color.

Sew it gorgeous!

Scoop Neck Dress (112, 2/2016)

Monica Bellucci dress (aka floral explosion).sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (1)


I did this dress back in February. You know how sometimes in winter you are dreaming about summer? And then getting some summer dresses makes you feel like summer is just around the corner? Well, it was my “dreaming about sun” kind of thing. The fact that this pattern was from a Spanish Street collection made it extra special (I had an internship in Spain, good memories :).


sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (4)

Fabric: I bought 1.5 (width 150 cm) of fabric and used it all BUT I did some strategic pattern layout when I was using only parts with the most flours. The fabric was stretchy but rather thick.

sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (5)  sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (6)sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (7)

Modifications: 2 sizes smaller, no zipper, slightly (~1.5 cm) smaller scoop neck.

sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (8)  sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (9)sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (3)sewitgorgeous_floral_dress (2)

The dress was easy to sew. I think it was because I got lucky with the fabric. It was thick and stretchy (it is very forgiving, there was no adjustments to be made) + I did not do anything with the seam edges. One thing that I am still not very sure about is the zipper. I fit in the dress as is but I cant help but think that if I did have a zipper I could’ve make the waist of the dress more narrow and flattering.

By the way, as of August 2016 Fabricland in Nanaimo, Canada still carry this fabric. And it is on sale now… 🙂

Sew it gorgeous!