Classic slim-fit trousers (117 b, 4/2016)

Classic red pants.

These are your classic slim-fit pants. They are classic in fit and classic in sewing.12976426_1588088838170679_1533293670_n(1)

I made mine because I was looking at the red fabric and thinking “what to sew, what to sew”. Then the April issue of BurdaStyle come out and I had an “Ah-ha” moment. I did not have red cropped pants so I gave it a go.

Material: 1 meter (width 150 cm) of fabric.








Modifications: I used pattern about 2 sizes smaller to my true Burda size.

Important note on the length: model in the magazine has cool bands at the bottom but because I am short (152 cm) + I had only 1 meter of fabric I did not make the bands. When I finished the pants (which were supposed to be 7/8 WITH the bands) I ended up with the length that were 7/8 WITHOUT the bands. So I chopped about 10-15 cm from the bottom.


Lessons from my experience:

1 bands are cool, should’ve made them.

2 working on the classic pants is kind of… unexciting. Mine did turned out nicely and the quality was very good but the next time I need pants, I’ll get them from the store (and save some time for a cool prints or unusual models).

p.s. classic pants for 6 dollars is still pretty nice 🙂

Sew it gorgeous 

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