Halter dress (106, 6/2016)

Tropical halter dress.

This is a short post, as I plan to post one project a day for the next 7 days (I have a backlog of dresses I made in summer and fall).

I did this dress over the weekend and I am pretty happy with it. The pattern was a little bit unusual but it worked out beautifully at the end.

I had only ~1.70 m of fabric so my halter band is much shorter.

note: the back of the dress is really low cut and it could not be used with the normal bra in my case, so I fit a bra (with all straps cut off) inside the halter (between the fabric and the lining).

The fabric I used for this dress is like a very fine net. There was no need to use any seams to finish the bottom.

I like this dress as both cut and fabric is very “vacation” to me. Oh, and the most important thing about this pattern – the skirt pattern rocks! It is soooo good, I used it 3 times already (will try to post soon).

Sew it gorgeous!


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