Red cowl neck top (109 b, 4/2016)

Simple red top.

This is a pretty strait forward and easy top. I made mine in about an hour.

red_top_sewitgorgeous (23)

Material: 1 m (width 150 cm) of stretchy, relatively thin fabric with a little bit of of a sheen.

red_top_sewitgorgeous (11)







Modifications (shortcuts): due to very stretchy material I did not use facing strips for the armholes. I just pressed allowances to the inside, stitched it with a zig-zag, ironed it very well (very important!). It is not a proper way to finish an armhole, but I really like to use this shortcut as it saves time significantly.

red_top_sewitgorgeous (20)red_top_sewitgorgeous (21)

It is an easy top, the only part where you have to be careful is making a little pleat at the neck.

red_top_sewitgorgeous (12)






Here is the loop peace unfolded. red_top_sewitgorgeous (27)

It turned out to be a versatile top that works wonderfully with pants and skirts.

red_top_sewitgorgeous (24)red_top_sewitgorgeous (15)

If you have have 1 meter of fabric and 1 hour of your time – I recommend to sew it.

Sew it gorgeous!


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