Red dress (101, 2/2016)

Hello and welcome!

I just started this blog and this is my first post. I’m excited and a little bit scared. But mostly excited 🙂 🙂 🙂

Let me start by saying that I have about 20 years of experience in sewing. At first, it was more of a necessity. I loved beautiful things but could not afford it. Now, I can buy an expensive dress but I can also do it myself for a fraction of the retail price. Most things that I see in stores I can make by myself and very often, the quality of my creations is higher.

So coming back to the blog and my first post. I decided to make a blog to keep track of outfits I made and share tips on how each particular thing was made. I learned a lot from the “photoforum” on the Russian site of BurdaStyle (they have an amazing amazing community, check them out even if you don’t know the language, its mostly photos and it inspired me to make this blog and hopefully provide some useful information for someone else.

The last thing before going all bananza on the red dress – I will post probably post 10 or 20 creations with very little descriptions as I have a backlog of outfits + I am better (and faster) at sewing than writing.

ok, the red dress from February 2016 issue.

sewitgorgeous_red_dress_magazine pic

If you don’t have this issue, try to find it in your public library or buy digital pattern from BurdaStyle web-site.

Material: 2 meters of light satin with no stretch (fabric width 150 cm). It felt like a candy crash saga effort to try to fit everything in, so I highly recommend going with 3 meters.

Modifications: I took a pattern almost 2 sizes smaller, got rid of asymmetry: combined parts 4 and 8, used the left half side of the bottom flounce and mirrored it, added a second neckline flounce, did not add seam and hem allowances on the bottom parts of details (I am short – 152 cm). 

sewitgorgeous_red_dress (9)

Oh the flounce!

sewitgorgeous_red_dress (12)sewitgorgeous_red_dress (11)









Here is neck flounce – 2 identical details.

sewitgorgeous_red_dress (1)

another minor modification is that I used shorter zipper (20 cm) but I kind of wish I went with the 50 cm one as the dress fit very tight (remember that I used the pattern about 2 size smaller?).

sewitgorgeous_red_dress (3) I am very happy with the end result. Now, I need someone to invite me dancing 🙂

thank you for a visit ï€„

Happy sewing!

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  1. Daniela Ivanova says:

    Hi , I really am very impressed of your creations! You are so talent and good sewer ! I also am trying to sew some of the models from burda style magazines and have a great passion for sewing , but from your blog I can learn a lot ! This dress is amazing ! You make it in a perfect way and believe me, you look better ,than the model in the magazin ! When I sow it in the magazin I like it, but I think, that it will be not looking so nice in real, because usually the models there are very slim and that kind of patterns makes you a litlle bit bigger. Now, after I saw your creation, I will try this pattern to. Just one question: if I take 2 sizes smaller I am not sure it will be ok ,as you said. I am size 40 from burda ( 92-73-98) ussualy all the patterns are too whide for me, but I never try a smaller size yet. Take my best regards and my admiration for your work and blog ! Daniela

    • sewitgorgeous says:

      Hi Daniela. Thank you for kind words! It is so nice to hear from other people who sew!!! I am very glad to hear that you are finding useful tips on my blog 🙂
      As for this particular pattern, I would use may be 1 size smaller with 1.5 cm allowances (or a true size) but not 2. Mine was 2 sizes smaller and it is way too tight. Burda patterns usually run big (that’s why I almost always use smaller sizes) but this pattern is not the case. Another thing that I found a bit challenging was a flounce on the skirt! It required soooo much ironing and still was not that perfect. Probably it has a lot to do a lot with the choice of fabric. The one I used has no stretch whatsoever, so I would recommend a fabric that has some (stretchy fabrics are much more ‘forgiving’). I hope it helps. Let me know if you have other questions 🙂
      All the best with your dress!!!

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