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Maxi dress (102, 6/2016)

Maxi floral dress.

Gorgeous dress alert! 🙂


Full disclosure.  I was using my phone as a camera. Lesson learned. The dress is beautiful but it looks so much better “in person” than in these pictures.


Fabric: 3 meters (width: 140 cm). I got mine on clearance for a total of 9 dollars. Initially, I wanted to go for a more bright floral fabric for this dress, but then decided to tone it down and go for more casual.

Modifications: I added 2 cm to the neck edges (a lot of Burda patterns tend to be too open on my frame), adjusted shoulder seams  (1 cm down), changed bands width (10 cm instead of suggested 7). Reasons: I had enough fabric + wider bands are easier to turn inside out.

20160605_092516 20160605_092524 20160605_092534

Everything fit nicely in 3 meters and I even ended up adding 16 cm to the bottom (hence my dress is much longer). Notes for fabric – chiffon is just perfect for this model!


Fabric for lining: 1 m (width: 160 cm).

20160607_092425 20160612_12005720160612_120257

Here are photos of the lining, to give an idea how this dress could look like in short, sleeveless version. Oh, and I am holding the side as there is no zipper there yet.

I was debating to keep or not to keep the middle godet (detail 3) and went with keeping it (in May issue the godet parts made a big difference to a model 101). In this model the middle godet needed mostly to secure bands and as some sort of “oh, that’s interesting” feature. In my opinion, it is not really a must. It’s cool but if you really don’t want it (I know from reading a forum that many ladies did not like it for some reason) you can adjust the pattern. All you need is to add 1.5 cm to the bottom of part 1 and top of part 4. But I personally like this godet as it adds more flow.

20160605_143221 20160605_14182920160605_145522    20160612_124355

It took me a couple of days to complete this dress. I bought the magazine and fabric on Saturday, traced the pattern and almost finished chiffon layer on Sunday, did lining layer on Monday evening and finally put everything together on Wednesday. Here is the dress without sleeves. It is quite nice.


Final results.

20160623_095905 20160623_100022  20160623_100040 20160623_100052

Although, this dress has many details and lining, the sewing part was pretty strait forward and I would rate it – easy but takes time.

Overall, this is a very nice, romantic summer dress.

20160623_100423 20160623_100503 20160623_100511 20160623_100522

Enjoy summer.

Sew it gorgeous!