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Hoodie (103, 01/2017)

Workout gear.

Confession – I spent more money on this workout wear than on all the other cloth combined. For example, I spend ~10-20 dollars per dress (fabric cost) but here in canada good workout pants cost over $100 (Lululemon). I would never dare to sew any pants/legging/shorts I am wearing for my workout simply because I do not trust my sewing machine to produce seams that are strong enough. However hoodies and shirts are a different story. So, when I saw this one in the January issue of BurdaStyle, I was sold. It looked simple and comfortable. The link to this pattern is here.

Fabric. There was “buy 1, get 1 free” sale at my local fabric store, so I just had to buy 2 m (150 cm) which was more then I needed but I paid 14 dollars for everything. I liked the contrasting colors idea, so I chose the fabric with a differently colored right and wrong side (the blue is actually the wrong side)

Modifications: I suspected that the pattern was oversize, so I used the one 2 size smaller then my BurdaStyle size. Even so, the thing is WIDE (but sleeves are ok). I am glad that I went with the thin fabric otherwise it would be way too boxy for my taste.

Another (sort of) modification: I bought my fabric in the evening and then just started to sew with the idea that I’ll finish it the next day. But the sewing was going so well and so fast that I decided to finish it the very same evening. The only problem was that I did not buy a cotton cord and metal eyelets… So I used a shoelace instead of a cord and did a slit instead of an eyelet. And I am happy to report that it looks good.

The good thing is that the wideness of the pattern is downplayed by the optical illusion of contrasting colors. I like it.


Sew it gorgeous!