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Lace dress (124, 3/2016)

Princess cut dress.

I noticed an interesting pattern (not a sewing kind 🙂 – over the years March issues are usually my favorite issues of the year. As a rule, they have a lot of dress patterns and I like it a lot!

I am literally on my way to the library to get a pattern for a gorgeous blouse with the embroidery from the new March 2017 Burda Style issue (I am so excited for that one!!!). But!  I just realized that I never posted a princess cut dress from the last March issue. So here we go.

If you don’t have an access to a Burda Style magazine, you can get this pattern here.

Fabric: very thin, stretchy lace like jersey 1.5 m (width 150 cm), thick jersey 1 m (width 110 cm) for lining.

As you see, I did the sleeves at first. It seemed very nice but it was hot and sunny outside so I decided to go with a more summery, sleeveless version.

Skirt – just 2 layers of everything that was left from the fabric.

Random facts:

For some reason, this dress was very fast to sew (everything with the lining usually take me at least 2 evenings to complete, but this one I did in just one).

This dress has the most “likes” on my Instagram page.

Sew it gorgeous!

off to the library 🙂