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Lace dress (124, 3/2016)

Princess cut dress.

I noticed an interesting pattern (not a sewing kind 🙂 – over the years March issues are usually my favorite issues of the year. As a rule, they have a lot of dress patterns and I like it a lot!

I am literally on my way to the library to get a pattern for a gorgeous blouse with the embroidery from the new March 2017 Burda Style issue (I am so excited for that one!!!). But!  I just realized that I never posted a princess cut dress from the last March issue. So here we go.

If you don’t have an access to a Burda Style magazine, you can get this pattern here.

Fabric: very thin, stretchy lace like jersey 1.5 m (width 150 cm), thick jersey 1 m (width 110 cm) for lining.

As you see, I did the sleeves at first. It seemed very nice but it was hot and sunny outside so I decided to go with a more summery, sleeveless version.

Skirt – just 2 layers of everything that was left from the fabric.

Random facts:

For some reason, this dress was very fast to sew (everything with the lining usually take me at least 2 evenings to complete, but this one I did in just one).

This dress has the most “likes” on my Instagram page.

Sew it gorgeous!

off to the library 🙂

Strapless bustier dress (129, 3/2016)

Spring is coming.

I made this dress in March and was wearing it throughout the summer. It is very flattering and is perfect for weddings and baby showers. Here is a link to the pattern I used. My version was all about a flower print and the whole project was inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge.


Fabric – 1.5 m (width – 150 cm) of synthetic, rather heavy but softly draping fabric.

The top of the dress is corset like and the key is to use very stiff interfacing

After the top was done, I tried old and true ‘rectangle clinched at the waist’ kind of skirt but it did not work well. I had a lot of fabric and after stitching it to the top, it did not look good… I left this project for several weeks, and then June issue of Burda Style came out and the skirt for a halter dress was perfect!

The final result.

Sew it gorgeous!