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Flounce top (124, 6/2016)

Boho-ho ūüôā

Well, in a magazine this top  it looks so airy, relaxed and delicate. The model rocks it.

I liked it right away and, although it is not my usual style, I decided to try it.

Fabric: 1.5 m (widths: 150 cm) of chiffon but used only about 1.20 m. Fabric should be very thin, flowy, and slightly transparent.


  1. I did not make any hem allowances because A. people who made it were advising against it (the pattern is wide) B. I am short. Well, it turned out that the pattern is indeed wide but it is also quite short!

sewitgorgeous_green_top (1)sewitgorgeous_green_top (2)

2. I did not do the lining and I think it was a good choice.

3. I have experience with the chiffon and its tendency to stretch, so I opted for self-tie spaghetti straps.

Notes: To me this top is lovely for a relaxed dinner with friends on a hot day when you know you are going to eat a lot… My favorite part about this top – how it looks at the sides. However, it does visually add some bulkiness to the frame (at least in my case). I think it would look the best on younger girls¬†with nice shoulders.

sewitgorgeous_green_top (3)sewitgorgeous_green_top (5)sewitgorgeous_green_top (6)

Oh, and I just checked some similar tops at “free people” and they sell them for about $100.

Sew it gorgeous!