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Polo neck dress (113, 09/2016)

Polo neck dress without a polo.

I sew a lot, so I am guilty of using shortcuts. For example, if the fabric is stretchy I am often do not use a zipper. This is the case with this dress as well.

I got 2 m (width: 150 cm) of very thin, stretchy fabric. The layout of the pattern is rather unconventional (I really wanted to have this border at the end of the sleeve). As you can see, I had a LOT of fabric left for the skirt.

So coming back to the polo neck. I made it using zigzag stitch but still, there was no way my head could fit through it without a zipper. So here I am with no polo neck.

notes on the dress: the top part is short! I am 158 cm but I wish I added extra 2-3 cm to it. The sleeves are also a little bit on a snug side.

However, overall, it is a good basic pattern. And it is very easy to sew.

Sew it gorgeous!

p.s. I am finishing up another dress from the September issue, will post soon (omg I have SO much to post though! I am much more proficient in making things than writing about it 🙂