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Princess Line Dress (114, 02/2017)

Fit and flare dress.

This dress is from the February issue of Burda Style. The pattern is here.

This cut is probably my favorite. It is timeless, feminine and flattering.

Fabric: Burda Style magazine suggests 5 m of fabric for this one. It is a lot! I have done this style of skirt (circular) before so I figured that I could get away with much less then that. I had an old piece of fabric I got for 5 dollars on clearance (~1.65 cm x 150 cm) and I was willing to check if I could fit a shorter skirt in. And I did. The suggested pattern length is 63 cm, mine was 51.5 cm which works perfectly on me, as I am rather petite (158 cm).

Note: the fabric is folded twice on the first picture

And if my piece of fabric was any longer or wider, I could have been able to fit the top as well. But oh well, now my options with this fabric are: either proceed with a skirt or look into short top patterns.

Anyway, the proper fabric I bough for this dress is 2 m (length 150 cm) and it was enough to fit all the details (including lining). Once again, it was possible because of the shorter skirt!

The fabric is a cotton blend with very little stretch.

I used my first skirt as a pattern so I did not have to fold fabric twice.

Size: My Burda size 40/42 (bust) and 36 (waist). For this pattern I used size 38 plus took a centimeter or two in total from the waist. Other minor modifications: I did not make a center stitch on the bodice (it is one peace), the zipper was moved to the back, skirt has only one seam at the back.

The sewing process was easy.

The bodice before and after ironing.

Seams at the armholes and neckline.


Side seams are done as one of the last steps. The second picture shows that initially my skirt turned out to be wider than the bodice. I used the radius of 16.7 + allowances and my best guess as to why it happen is that my skirt had only one seam… or may be because I did meddle with the waist part of the bodice.

Final product. The colour is so pretty!

This one does not have a good lighting but has a view from the back.

and there is even a video 🙂

Sew it gorgeous!